Wordpress Fully Integrated with Joomla!®

  • Gain access to many WordPress Plugins!

  • Seamless design integration - no need to perform costly modifications to your Joomla! Template.

  • Multisite Capable - users can have their very own blog with you in full control as Network Administrator.

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1Install and Setup

Installation is a breeze, just upload WP4J via the Joomla Extensions Manager.

  • Technical Requirements

    WP4J is compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 and your server should conform to their respective Technical Requirements

  • Alternative Discover Install

    The WP4J Component Zip file is quite large and may fail to upload due to server constraints. If this occurs no problem! You can perform a Discover Install. WP4J's install file structure is identical to Joomla's so you can upload it directly to your server via FTP.

  • Menu Item Requirement

    WP4J must be accessed via a Menu Item to work properly. It is just a simple matter of setting a Menu Item to point at WP4J via Joomla's Menu Management Area.

  • Role to Group Assignment

    WP4J automatically provides Joomla users with Wordpress access as per the role to group conversion in the WP4J options configuration. For example you may have the Joomla Registered group associated with the Wordpress Subscribers Role, if this is the case all your Joomla registered users will automatically become subscribers to your Wordpress Blogs - the same goes for other groups and roles.



WP4J is absolutely Jam Packed full of features, the possibilites are truely endless...

  • Multisites, Multiusers, Multi everything!

    You can allocate users their own blog with full featured admin and user capabilites. Set up your own blogging network!

    Create a multisites user group in Joomla, activate multisites in the WP4J Options and users belonging to this group will have a wordpress blog automatically set up with full admin capabilities. Amazing!

    Multisite Users can even invite others to subscribe via email, if the invitation is accepted they will automatically be registered to your Joomla site as well.

    Multisite Users also have full control over widget inclusion and placement via the WP4J Multi Module System.

  • Wordpress Adminbar fully integrated

    One of the best features of Wordpress is the Admin Bar which offers a convenient way to manage and update your blog. WP4J implements the Wordpress Admin Bar as a Joomla Module, so it will appear appear on whichever pages you like.

    The Admin Bar is also available to Multisite users as well and we are sure your users will be astounded by the great new features your website will be offering!

  • Thousands of Plugins

    Wordpress modules are called widgets and there are literally thousands of them available. Guess what? WP4J lets you display them anywhere on your Joomla Site as a Joomla Module. We also give you the ability to show the complete Wordpress Side bar as well.

    The Sidebar or Module can display the content of a specific blog, or automatically detect the blog loaded and show the correct content - this feature is handy for showing Multisite blogs.

    Pssssst, Wordpress Plugins work as well :)

  • Seamless Design Integration

    WP4J Utlises the same layouts as the Joomla Com_Content Component and due to the fact that Most Templates Support this, in fact really ALL templates support this, well that means WP4J will conform to your site's design scheme without needing css modifications.

    This can save you literally hundreds of dollars (or big headaches if you need to do it yourself). Of course there is a style sheet available to tweak the design if you should need, fully template overridable btw :)



Built atop the knowledge and know-how of over a decade's web programming experience.

  • Light Weight and Fast!

    For all content and module display the Wordpress API runs seperately to Joomla's API resulting in less strain on your server as well as solving conflict issues before they occur. Wordpress and Joomla were not designed to run togther in the same process so it is only fitting that they both run seperately.

  • No Hacks to the Wordpress Core

    We have not modified the Wordpress (or Joomla) Core routines in anyway to create WP4J. This means that the enduser is not at our mercy to provide security updates and such for Wordpress, it can be updated directly via the Wordpress Admin area without requiring our intervention.

  • Full User Synchronisation

    We have gone to great lengths to ensure that WP4J integrates the user and access control system of both Wordpress and Joomla in the most comprehensive way possible. The integration is virtually seamless and it is almost impossible to tell that you are actually running two applications as opposed to one unified system.

  • Our ongoing mission

    is to make WP4J the best it possibly can be, to resolve all issues in a timely and comprehensive manner while providing features that continually improve user experience.

Yes we do eat our own dogfood!

The WP4J.com blog is powered by WP4J as well - Feel free to visit!

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  • "You are a genius! I trying to make subdomain to have WP with my joomla's website but i was not satisfied, you made exactly what i want, thank's a lot!"

    Arthurien - Joomla Reviewer

  • "This component is amazing, very good, it also works on little server too. Now you have the best wordpress solution for Joomla on the market thank you for your great work"

    Guiguisan - Joomla Reviewer

  • "Simple to install, step-by-step configuration. Easy to use. It is perfectly doing what it should do! Thank you for this great software gift!"

    Wiwischaft - Joomla Reviewer

  • "This extension is so wonderful! I'm still learning Joomla and it was truly easy. It's the easiest thing to set up and works right away! Perfect! Thank you so much for making this available!"

    IreneFletcher - Joomla Reviewer

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Support is currently handled on our Google Groups Forum.

Download WP4J Beta

Please be Aware that WP4J will become a Commercial Product within the next few days with the 1.0.0 Stable release.

Remember if you are an Early Adopter you should register on our forums using the same email that you registered with on Google Groups to get your LIFETIME free access to WP4J. Not an early adopeter? You still have time, post constructive feedback on our support forum, report bugs and you will become an early adopter as well!


Just install as you would any other component and then visit the backend admin area via the components menu for further instructions.



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WP4J Demo

The demo site is currently under construction, but in the meantime feel free to visit the Official WP4J Blog which is of course running WP4J :)